Monday, November 16, 2009

Once again Kannadasan!!!

It had been a very hectic day, but on the way back from office, the discussion amongst our friends in the car went around Kannadasan...aspiring my love for his lyrics once again.... his lyrics, his life and his intellectual brilliance. I could not resist to stop writing about him again!!!

Kannadasan- No Nobel prize can be enough or No Award can glorify the magnificiant amount of literature he left to this world. Amazing. Today every lyricst and a tamil song will have words from this great poet and writer

In my search on him once again, I found an amazing link to his songs

No wonder every word of it, is true. Everything is within. Within us, within our lives, within our values and within our system

I wonder why no one in Tamil Literature try to translate these lyrics to larger audience or may be I am not aware....but imagine at 6000 lyrics, 5000 poems, near about 232 books and loads of manuscripts still with the family...what an immense wealth of knowledge.

Let me try my first ever translation of this great piece from the great master:

mayakkamaa kalakkamaa
manadhilae kuzhappamaa
vaazhkkaiyil nadukkamaa

My English Version:

Are you in the the daze or maze
of inner confusion in the heart
Or of the turbulences in life??

vaazhkkai enraal aayiram irukkum
vaasal dhoarum vedhanai irukkum
vandha thunbam edhu vandhaalum
vaadi ninraal oaduvadhillai
vaadi ninraal oaduvadhillai
edhaiyum thaangum idhayam irundhaal
irudhi varaikkum amaidhi irukkum

English Version:

Thousand tales makes a life
Upto the streets lies the pain
What ever may be the distress upon
once you stagnate, that will live on
once you standstill, that will live on
strongness of heart to face whatsoever
will let the peace sustain till the end

--( how true, most of us dont expose our pains outside our homes, most of us dont leave the baggage, the heaviness of the past and pains to move forward...great lesson)

aezhai manadhai maaligaiyakki
iravum pagalum kaaviyam paadi
naalaip pozhudhai iraivanukkaliththu
nadakkum vaazhvil amaidhiyaith thaedu
nadakkum vaazhvil amaidhiyaith thaedu
unakkum keezhae ullavar koadi
ninaiththup paarththu nimmadhi naadu

English Version

Make the poor heart a loving palace store
writing day and night the poetic verses galore
Dedicate the happiness of the day to the God
Seek the peace in everyday life in the Lord
Seek the peace in everyday life in the Lord
Millions are worser than what you are
Remember that to regain the peace at par.....

Beautiful verses and far more insight into the life's realities... and those who know to learn from them will move on towards betterment, peace and glory to themselves and to others around them.

Kannadasan endra kadalai marubadiyum thondum neram................


Anonymous said...


A good attempt to translate Kannadasan.

Just I commented on Swamiji's Vedanata Academy post of yours and chanced upon the Kaviarasu Kannadasan post. Kannadasan is truly a venerated Genius after great Mahakavi Bharathi and there will be none to match these.

I use to even argue that Kannadasan's songs should be called as "KannadasaNoPansihad". Wish this Genius works be elevated to Upanishadic status.

You will treasure about his works on this "" along with other Genius called MSV.

Just a sample of his great work

The Song - "Satti Suttadhada"
Film - Alayamani.

A snippet
"erumbuth thoalai uriththup paarkka yaanai vandhadhadaa - naan
idhayath thoalai uriththup paarkka njaanam vandhadhadaa
pirakkum munnae irundha ullam inru vandhadhadaa (2)
irandha pinnae varum amaidhi vandhu vittadhadaa"

Though my translation will hardly match one millionth of Original masterpiece, yet a humble try.

Translation of the snippet:

on peeling ant's skin,emerged an elephant - I, on unhiding the heart, received knowledge,
pre-born mind, encapsulated me today,post-life peace entered (me today).

On his own word - Kannadasan IS

"Naan Nirandharamanavan Azhivadillai, endha nilayilum enakku maranamaillai"

Incidentally this idea is what all our scriptures and elevated Galaxies of Saints, Rishis and Gurus are roaring at.


Umasree said...

Thank you Krshan for the link and also recognising the beauty of work done by Kannadasan. Every poet and artist lives for ever more so after their lifetime. Kannadasan had the privilege of being larger than his life could contain and made the best out of it. There is so much to learn from Geniuses like Kannadasan and MSV