Saturday, November 14, 2009

Every day is a gift!

From any day that teaches you the value of life, becomes a day of gift from God. Blessed you are, for you see the next sunrise!

The value of life is known to a person who just missed death. Remember the gratefulness thousands of people felt as they ran safe from WTC collapse, remember the happiness of hundreds who escaped violent terror attacks in Mumbai in 26/11, remember the day when the pilot became the god to the people who got landed in a frozen river. Every day becomes a gift ever since one comes across such a day.

10 April 2004, is such a turning point in my life, where me and my child were saved by my husband from a unwanted but scary fire accident at home...ever since, to us every day is a story of success, story of god, and his gifts that emerged out of hard work, faith, sincerity and perseverance. Why so ever it happened, who so ever did it, what so ever be the motive, it all ended fine for us. We never looked back. We never forget it for the lessons are great to learn from.

Emerging from turbulence's of life needs extra energy and strong mind. Traumas, tiring days, sad events are all indispensable from life. But those who look beyond imperfections and tiring situations, look forward for better things in life. Those who learn this lesson.... are sure to learn and realise that every day is a gift of God. Live it to the lees.....

Thanks to my beloved sister Yamini celebrating her birthday today, for she was the most prominent person who gave me the courage to take things in my stride and move forward. Happy Birthday way the new lease of life is a gift of your thoughts and positive actions....Love you!

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