Saturday, November 14, 2009

Successful, And dying young?!!*???**!!

2 deaths recently disturbed me alot. One is of a 28 year old collegue with 5 yr old daughter succumbed to low BP and cardiac arrest...had ever she would have thought about it? And the kind of cold attitude with which the news was received and broadcasted...made me think to wonder if we are living in a purely machine world and lost all human touch to our routines:-( Shame! Here its all business, profits, and we people are also nothing but just another "Resource".... time to think in which world we are heading to....

Second is the death of Ranjan Das, Head of SAP India, a fitness freak, hardworking and highly inspiring young and dynamic leader....died one morning after his workout. Hailing from upper middle class, we dream big things. We aspire behind our dreams and spend days and years in building career. Making it big going away from families, fun and simple living. Stress is not a part of our lives, but the very routine. In the few hours we get, we are busy socialising, hobbies, families, and priorities that make us forget that our machines also need some rest and maintenance. Here its our physical and mental machines I am talking about.

In the quest of success, growth and enablement, we go far away from our own people and relaxations into the world of artificial partying ( that only ends up with headaches the next day), travel and bustling routines (that doesnt let us pause for a moment of silence and self-thinking) and into priority based lives.... both personal and professional. Added to all this, is the stress our families have to live with us... rather bear with us or get away from us...that again resulting in handling undue emotions.

Rajeev Motwani, Ranjan Das, Sowmya devi are just few examples of people who dreamt big, kept achieving and died young, leaving behind grieving children and spouses. For the fast moving corporate world its real time to think big! Think big on work life balance, stress busters, simple life styles and acceptance of the Mantra- You should be alive to enjoy what you achieved. Or else, the struggle is meaningless. So take care folks....

Its a lesson to me tooooo!!!

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