Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Name Crush!!!

Its all in the name! Yes, Name. The big names. I was wondering from the time I read Abinandhan's blog, on what are those names that I love so much...It was a very easy answer

1. Narayani
2. Ranganayaki

I know, lot many who know me so well will wonder, what the heck they are? I love the name, the meaning and the essence and for all those out there having these names...I just love you for you have got the two names that touch my heart always.

Thankfully, I have both the names in my family... I managed to give my daughter the first name and call her Narayani Aishwarya...Wow, i just love this

Second is Ranganayaki...thats my elder brother-in-law Krishnan's mother's name... though she is no more, the name is so powerful and beautiful that I just love her too... yeah, I also know a lecturer in college called Ranganayaki....means beautiful and colorful stage actress...infact its the name of concert of Srirangam Ranganatha swamy...

Ironically, both names mean the same. Manifestations of Goddess Lakshmi.

Narayani Namosthutey...there is no Hindu marriage in India, that doesnt end without these words while tying the knot.... and the golden temple for Goddess Narayani is sure to make this name much more powerful and reknowned.....

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