Friday, January 22, 2010

Cricket, IPL, Pakistan and Looking Beyond

I am sure cricket fans at home and office would search to hit me for writing this post and I need to get bailed out from their arms.... But when is that we would learn to look beyond??... Cricket in India is not just another sport or is a fervent addiction... a ever living fever with no vaccines.
Cricket has become a part of Average Indian's life and people discuss, debate, devote, dedicate themselves to the love of the matches, players, and the very essence of Modern Day Commercialized Cricket and what else. Even cost of living, corruption, movies, will take a back seat when compared to Cricket Mania in the country.
But the fact is that Cricketers are also human beings and no demi-gods, there is absolutely no necessity to devote so much attention and energies to the game which is supposed to be entertainment and a good sport. Today it has become a worse addiction, money minting industry, fully commercialized and above all, killing other fields of sports. I just wonder why our text books still say Hockey is our National Game.... It should be Cricket now right...
IPL Is a classic example of how 1% of the population can control and absorb the wealth from the 99% of the society... Today, television channels and movies are just copying the events and shows of the west in their regional languages. IPL also did the same trick..instead of foot ball, there emerged cricket deals.....The craziness, the frenzies and the boundless amusement of the game is no doubt a well planned business option ....same time, this addiction had broken the barriers in the name of countries or continents..... IPL succeeded in its endeavour...and we the average Indian made them rich....!
Now comes to my hot topic, Pakistan... Masha Allah! Why Me! Pakistan players not included in the IPL 3rd season... Yeah... let me tell u the story of my neighbour who was once my brother...we fought, we broke, we don't talk, we don't meet, and now slowly we grudge, we hurt, we hate, we destroy, we end. In such a situation, how can I let my children play with his children...doesn't it not sound ridiculous... this hatred is genuine and need to be ongoing process...don't I want it... Huh! its the same story...It is this destroying attitude that is causing a friction everywhere between India and Pakistan...Today we have reached to such a situation where we cant appreciate any bridges between two countries how every peaceful they aim to be at....we always suspect every peace move, we are always threatened by their existence, we are restless with the neighbours... this is not going to change even after 60 years of a havocing partition... gone is gone...RIP the brotherhood! At least let live as sensible neighbours... or else we are making each other's area a harvesting ground not just for terror but for the developed nations to aim at each other, in the time of next world war...which is not so very far! God bless this Planet not just from climatic destruction but a nuclear warfare! Now we Indians, should learn to look beyond cricket, for cricket is no more just a game, but a culture, predominantly changing the way we think and act!!!!

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