Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Meeting with Dr Rudhran

It had been a transforming experience meeting Dr Rudhran today with Raghu. What best can we make out of this meeting than creating a lasting happiness of having met him as one of my best friends today. It is a tale of turning adversities into opportunities.

A 20 year old journey ended with creating the finest memory of this day. Without having to wait for 4 hours, going through a process of counselling and therapy, understanding from a social service person there, without the token number followed by the year, meeting him within 5 minutes of visiting his office this morning was the last thing we would have dreamt in our life. That too as a writer and his friend.

Today, Dr Rudhran and me, both appreciate each others views and articles, contacts and network and share common philosophies of life with much broader vision and ambitions. Strong will power, unconditional love and trust can cure any damn illness in this world and we today stand as a strong testimony to this fact and would fight for the rights of victims of such situations and provide support and solace to the vulnerable lot.

As usual, Dr Rudhran is filled with a drawing charisma, truly understanding persona, a broad welcoming smile, giving a true sense to his profession and personality. God Bless you Dr.


Dr.Rudhran said...

just saw this uma. may god be with you

Anonymous said...

Wasnt happy with the way he had handled my case....