Monday, February 15, 2010

Disgusting Terror Attacks in Pune

Once again, India is bleeding. Who is giving the rights for killing others in this world? Why is this ideology of achieving something by killing innocent civilians. A real war will not be won without facing one on it between two humans or two Nations or two different ideologies. From the times of Hitler to Prabhakaran, the causes failed despite the world ways of handling ideologies because, the way in which the success is sought is not globally accepted. The worst part is making India a scary place to travel for foreigners abroad. We talk, fight, and hate when our Indians are treated badly, or getting killed anywhere in the world today... at the same time, are we are not responsible to collectively aim at protecting the best interests of people coming to India?

One side, the memories of Mumbai blasts did not go away from the world memory,,,the other side, the clashes in Hyderbad in name of Economy, Language and State is defeating the objectives of Progress... and now this Pune Blasts indicate that we have thief's within us. It is not possible for a foreign hand to succeed in creating a terror fear in the Nation without the help of an insider. First and foremost, the responsibility of the Intelligence and Security forces would be to identify the insiders and uproot them from our society. There is no point in playing the blame game, unless we are sure that none in India would support or stand by the terrorists, no matter how much ever we make a noise in the global platform, the Indian Cities are still an easy target.

Security consciousness and National Integrity and Protection is highly visible in the Western World where every Citizen's first responsibility and common sense aims at Home Land Security. Do we have this in us? The day should come when we stop seeing religious flags, party hoardings and flags flying and seeing the National Flag standing in pride as we walk down the streets. Till such day, there is nothing called Patriotism in the minds of Modern Indians that provoke them to fight internally against any form of terrorism. Be it Jai Hind or Jai Ho, we have not set our homes right yet! That's the disgusting truth of terrorism in India today!


Mohan said...

Its wrong to compare hitler to prabhakaran. Prabhakaran can ideally be compared to veerapandiya kattaboman, che guevara, raja raja cholan, krishnadeva raya, chandra gupta maurya, Ashoka or Subhash chandra bose or ahmad shah massoud. All heros in their own way. The once great bharath vansh is under decay because of the non violence preached by gandhi. If we had thrown the british out using muscle/guns india would have been a much better country. Even Bhagavad geeta preaches that when negotiations fails violence can be used to achive the desired means.
India would have been a super power if we had defeated the muhameddan invaders / british with sword rather than bowing down and non violence. We have to read the entire srilankan history to say anything about prabhakaran.

Hitler is a devils incarnation who was so insecure that he killed innocent poeple.

Umasree said...

Mohan, you are right. I only said from the times of Hitler to Prabakaran...and absolutely there can be no comparison between the two as you said. Prabakaran, at one time in 90's was an icon on strength and revolt. And he had his definite reasons of reincarnation of the state that did not give constitutional rights to a portion of its his death and martayodm he achieved a bit of it.... and only wish he had survived...... The basic reason why India is struggling today is we dont have revolts against the internal atrocities in the name of political big wigs that play the game of ruining the Nation in name of governances and accumalation enormous weath which they just dont deserve.... the Nation still remains poor, developing and fear of terror, insecurity and lack of real freedom