Monday, February 15, 2010

State Bank Of India- New Ways of Global Reach

State Bank of India is in news for all good reasons. When I say that it is of the Global Reach, it is not across the countries but across our own villages. Towards a larger and remote connectively bridging all the villages to the ambit of Finance, Support and Micro- Money Management. Opening of Bank Accounts and accessing through mobile phones is the best way to use the advantage of the Most Buzzing Telecom revolution in India.

The Project is for all the below who own mobile phones and have income less than Rs 5000 a month where they can access the nearest grocery stores to send and transact money to anywhere in India. This is as simple as buying a prepaid card in a retail outlet. Doesnt it sound revolutionary....Yes, Small is all times Revolutionary!

Something that sounds like an western union outlet, but from our modern best nationalised bank is a grand welcome to all public, people can transact by depositing, transferring and withdrawing money in the nearest retail outlet. This is going to generate employment opportunities as business correspondent close to half a million people in India.... is this not the big best thing happening in the first quarter of the year... Am sure, this will be a successful venture... God Bless you SBI!

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