Friday, June 11, 2010

Four Things to Avoid in a Resume

A good resume is always a gateway to a good opportunity in the market. 

But why is it that some of the resume really don't impress the recruiters and companies and get rejected most of the time.   Lot of surveys pointed to 4 major points that kill a resume from reaching the right opening. 

As the IT recruitment have speedened in 2010 and lot of people are awakened from the recession slumber, I hope these tips would help people looking out for new jobs.

Pictures or Photos:   Though I would always love to know how you look, as a recruiter it doesn't worry me any longer.  Pictures are a sure no-no in resumes, and good to get a good impression in the first personal interview... Look doesn't matter, but how you carry yourself, your overall personality and your confidence is what would impress recruiters.

Personal Objectives:    Corporates are no longer interested to see what your personal ambition or goal in life is.  You may want to become the CEO of the company in 10 years, but that is not the recruiter's goal.  The corporate goal is important and the skill sets have to match with the recruiter's requirement than your own dreams, aims and vision of the future. 

References :    References often proved to be planned, informed and organized.  So it is not important any longer to add references in the resumes or provided the line "Will be provided on request", for this is no longer a need.  Corporates have their own way of doing background checks and go a way beyond to understand you than what you put in the CV, for  IT security has become an watchword and integrity the biggest essential character in a person to be recruited.

Hobbies and Interests:   Companies having their own fun clubs, sports clubs and corporate community service teams, are no longer interested to see your hobbies or personal interest in the resume, unless they are directly related to the work.   You having 10 different accounts on social media is irrelevant unless you are applying for a post in the team of social innovation or content management of a social media site or a corporate blog.   It is better to avoid this list, as may provide a mis-guided perception that you have many interests that actually divert your focus from the mainstream work :-)

Above all, clear and precise business scenarios that you are capable to handle will add weight age to the resume, than giving a long list of tasks you did. 

Too much or  too little of information do not make any sense. 

Adding significant achievements will make the recruiter know how much you are capable of.  But remember, past glory or history is never taken as a best way to analyze you and recruit you.  So handle it with care.  After all it is your future.....

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anu_uma said...

Dear Uma,

Really a good thing to share and valuable too...

I have to remove the objective in my CV :-)