Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why ThyPulchritude?

I have been writing since my childhood., mostly small poems, articles for school magazines, the Hindu young world,  small writeups to Deccan Chronicle,  then essays and papers for seminars..., scripts for skits in college,

and then came ICE Times in my life, where I became a corporate inhouse magazine's writer cum editor and then it expanded to submitting articles to online forums, and found that the vivid interests lead me everywhere but no one place where I can preserve my own thoughts, my own beliefs and pour out my anger, aspirations, awakenings and inner urge. 

In this quest, came out my blog, the one you are reading now.  But slowly, this blog started getting listed into professional forums as a "good to read" blog and at one point, gave me a speed breaker to stop writing anything personal here, or sharing any of my pictures that meant "for me" for future, not for all, kind... for I got many a time teased by my friends as being a little damn open book in life!....

so I wanted a place where I can only put out the things I loved watching, seeing and preserving, ....but no writing..thats a real challenge for a writer like me, who would jus love to scribble out anything and everything that I feel, in words and prose and poem..... so thougth now need a placeholder to lock my pictures in a order of importance as the years go by...and there came in my blog  a home for my pictures, and otherwise lot more "Self" side..... within me lies a bug... a bug that is curious, love being busy, love being tired, love being in stress, love being in dreaming and what not!  Enough now! I guess!!! Stop dear, Stop!!! my hearts' crying now!

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