Thursday, August 26, 2010

How to move folders in Sharepoint?

Go to the Action Menu on the sharepoint and click on the Explorer View. 

In the Explorer view, you can drag and drop folders/ files to other locations or cut, copy and paste as needed.

Or use the "Content and Structure" tool in Site Settings

***IT tips are small tit-bits that usually hinder our quick work flow, and thought could help many people who use Sharepoint on regular basis****


Anonymous said...

Excellent solution, Thank You very much

Anonymous said...

Wonderful information! It took me many searches to find your site. But it was Perfect! Exactly what I needed.

Anonymous said...

Manage Content And Structure only allows moving files, not folders.

Anonymous said...

Manage content and structure only allows moving files, not folders.

Anonymous said...

I'm searching for a way to move folders, but this suggestion only works on files not folders, and explorer view goes extemely slowly and only works for me if I use my computer as a staging point to transfer things.