Friday, August 27, 2010

Enterprise Project Management - Methodology

Projects are driven by people who efficiently manage projects using right tools. 

Organization over the years build Enterprise Project Management methodology to handle a suite of projects with a uniformed governance.  This method helps them to have a structure to handle all projects for all customers in an organization to handle from inception to closure.

A structured process attempts to solve most of the Project Management problems in a proven process, at the same time, there is a need to have a customized approach to handle project specific issues. 

EPM ensures there is a structure providing guidelines, templates and checklist for every stage of Project.  Same time, there should be an adequate provision for Tailoring and Waiver and extensively used by Project Managers using their logical thinking, project specific needs and expert judgement.

Decision Making, problem solving and effective attention to management of details should be inclined with the EPM and also consider the big picture of the Organizational Goals and Objectives.  Tool should help project managers achieve their objectives and not complicate the process. 

Hence EPM should be looked as an effective management tool than a cumbersome process built over the years in an Organization.

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