Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ayodhya Verdict: Babri Masjid Vs Ramajanamabhoomi...Need to look beyond

Another tense day in making towards the History of India...ripping the social secular fabric of the Nation.  Are our minds so narrow and maturity so conservative that we are living in a pre-civilized thinking!.  Is it not time to ponder over our past and create a better future for our children of the Nation.... Too many things to think and react

Any sensible Citizen of the country would understand few facts

1.  Over centuries India had the history of foreign invasions and lot of other religious people destroying Hindu temples and building over had been prevalent.   They exploited the temples for the precious treasure and artistic excellence that the Hindu community possessed ages ago.   Even Taj Mahal is disputed and debated over years, as a old shiva temple called as Tejomahalaya.... does it mean that now we will break it to see what is under the main edifice?  Tolerance had been in the blood of Indians, and over the years, this started to slowly diminish.    So the chances of the Hindu temple broken and buried under the structure of mosque in Ayodhya is quite possible and we have to leave it for an archaeological survey and debate.

2.  Demolishing Mosque in the name of finding a temple remains, is any day not the right thing.   Respecting the faith of other religions is the only way of salvation.   So, what ever happened in 1990 Dec 6th is bleak in the history of India.   Time to repent, and take steps not to repeat.    

3.  Today Ayodhya and its people, both Muslims and Hindus are living in peace and harmony.   The fire, riots and bad memories have only united them and media's any kind of negative debate, portrayal, will only kill this peace lasting since last decade.   Media have to maintain utmost sensitivity in the way the news is telecasted and events are portrayed, as it is not Ayodhya that will burn, but whole of India, will there be any kind of unnecessary triggers.

4.  Lastly, towards an amicable solution,.  If I were, to provide this judgement, my verdict would be to leave the place as is, make it a heritage spot., build a University for Students of India, for Arts and History, similar to something of IIT for Engineering and IIMs for Management, and preserve the dignity of the place with honour.... and then, provide abundant space on either side, one place for Hindu's to move their Rama lalla and Sita Mata idols and begin worship and on the other side, a site for Muslim's to build a mosque and allow them for peaceful worship.      

We have spend 700 crores for Common Wealth Games for getting the worst of Inputs from the world over,  every election costs us close to 500 crores both official and unofficial,   and the whole of the above given project, may not take even 100  crores.  In one way, this project would give employment opportunities to the local people driven and living in fear, and frustration over the years,...Provide world class education, reliving the similar glory of Nalanda, the first university in the world,  and same time, respecting the sentiments of both the communities involved.  

Forget about the differences and look at the similarities of Hindu-Muslim unity and friendship over centuries now in India,  and this is one opportunity for us to proclaim, our long lasting song of "Unity in Diversity"  ...Jai Hind.

let rest of India, continue its business as usual.... I think only jobless people have time and tide to make a mole out of mountains and make issues, become National Calamities...... Lets learn to live in harmony...


Extract from IBNLive on the "All you want to know about Ayodhya dispute"

Ayodhya title dispute

December 1949: Idols of Ram Lalla & Sita Mata appear 'miraculously' inside the Babri Mosque.
Hindus claim lord Ram has appeared in his birth land, hence land belongs to Hindus.
Total of five title suits filed before the courts claiming ownership of the land.
Two title suits clubbed. Now there are four title suits pending before the courts.
First suit filed on Jan 16, 1950, seeking permission to worship deities in the disputed structure, second suit filed in Dec 1950 by Head of Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas, seeking permission to worship deities, first two suits clubbed together by Civil Judge in Faizabad.
Third suit filed in Dec 1959 by Nirmohi Akhara seeking to take charge of the 'temple' from a rival.
Fourth suit filed by Sunni Central Boards of Waqfs, UP, in Dec 1961 seeking removal of idols & possession of mosque.
In April, 1964, all three suits filed by Hindus and the one filed by the Waqf Board are consolidated.
In 1989, petition on behalf of Ram Lalla filed by retired HC Judge claiming ownership of disputed land.
In 1989 Allahabad HC rules that a special three-judge bench will hear all five suits in the lower courts.
HC directs all parties to maintain status quo at the site till matter is finished.

Babri land dispute
1528: Babri Masjid is built, Hindus claim the land was built after demolishing a temple.
1859: British erect fences to separate Hindu, Muslim areas of worship.
1949: Hindus & Muslims file title suits claiming the land, the government takes over the disputed site.
1994: SC orders status quo on all cases till the title suit is settled.
December, 1992: Babri Masjid is razed by kar sevaks, 2,000 people die in post-demolition riots.

Attempts at amicable settlement
Dec 1990: Meeting between Babri Masjid Action Committee & VHP
Hindus: Muslims should respect sentiments
Muslims: Issue can't be dragged backwards
Dec 1990: Hindus & Muslims meet in presence of Mulayam Singh, Sharad Pawar & Bhairon Singh Shekhawat
Hindus: Excavations reveal a temple under the mosque
Muslims: No evidence that temple was destroyed to build mosque
Jan 1991: Meeting between Babri Masjid Action Committee & VHP
Hindus: Remains of temple under the mosque
Muslims: No evidence that temple was destroyed to build mosque


Sarada said...

Uma well said. Lets carry on. There have been few very good readers comments in Hindu in the last few days which goes to prove that we can continue to have all regilions around us and be still peaceful, as Heartfelt prayers bring positiveness to all people in that area isnt.


Soma said...

We should try to resolve wife & husband quarrels in a limitted time...but instead we drag to its life time it will become bloody battle. In the name of secularism Ramajanmabhomi is not given to hindus even though many people know it. The fight for Ramajanma bhoomi is 200yrs old. No secularist try to address the Hindu cause. But they toed the line of Minorities

Sunitha said...

Great de. Wondering, how multifaceted you are ! become a judge now :)

hmm.. i remember the article that i read in newspaper the day before the judgement. It was an article on how younger people (who were not born then) reacted to the anticipation of judgement.. Most college goers were not even bothered on what would be the verdict, and some not even know the history of the whole case, and one even answered that ayodhya is somewhere in madhyapradesh and Ram guy is born there :) Funny isn't it..And there was one young person who just said that we are more tolerant than the older people and both bothered whether the disputed land goes to the Muslim or Hindus. Hmm.. Ture indeed.. :)

Umasree said...

True Sarada Akka.. I think the judgement was quite neutral and hope the media/politicians and rest will let the issue resolve amicably as the court decided.

Thanks Soma and Sunitha for your comments too..Yes, there is need to look at issues beyond any prejudice.. Suni, thanks alot,... you know me and have seen me for what I am ... yeah, just growing with learning from the world:-)