Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Honour Killing is a disgrace to humanity

We are living in a world which is a global village. Yet, we are so influenced by the so called social imagery that we do not realize that the world around us has move ahead of the 21st century. Let me put it with a right example. The minute you travel to the other side of the planet, what happens, is the fact that you are identified as an Asian First (Based on the continent and color). The minute they realize that you are from South Asia, you are regarded with your country….here all Indians Unite…we look for Indian neighborhoods’, search for temple, look for cultural associations and good schools….here what matters the bonding is ‘Indian-ness’. Then, people speaking one language unite over the social events, calling themselves as Telugu Associations, Tamil Sangam’s, Bengali Unions, Gujarati Temples… and then we bring in the divide which we had back home in India…yet there is unity. Here the language unites.

Over the borders, and besides the transformation, the identity in the name of Religion and Caste fades away. Slowly even this generation of regional identity is ignored, and the communities based on professions emerge…like doctors club, engineer’s wing and auditors lounge… so there is no time or reason to keep up the fake social image any longer based on caste or religion.

As such the world is getting divided in the name of Religion to a greater extent influencing in all wrong reasons possible. This honour killing is just a fancy term eating away the fruitful younger generations. Every adult have a right to marry or love the person of his or her choice and fundamental rights of India, provide freedom in all means possible to its citizens. In the name of fake prestige, honour and caste, we are killing the very fabric of secularism. Do the relatives or the society around such orthodox parents have time and thought to worry about this issue when there thousand other things to take care of. Society should come out of the rigid and useless sentiments in the name of caste and community. The real honour lies in acceptance of a person from a totally different religion, faith, community with warm hands to welcome and bond with tolerance and consideration, to bring in a fruitful society.

Killing people in the name of honour is just a media –fiasco and more and more people want to get into a limelight making this a new social issue. The humiliation will end to those victims with death, but to the parents and families, the trauma is for lifetime. For media, it is yet another breaking news, so the best way is ignore it and bring in a amendment to laws that would punish people involved in such incidents and do not give it a national coverage. Stringent laws and implementation of those laws, and providing protection to those who seek the help of law and order, would end this menace very soon. It is not just a disgrace but it is beyond comprehension to kill our own kith and kin in the name of social prestige. It is the time to think beyond and look at the longer horizons of truth and end this unnecessary social evil.


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