Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Awareness about Character Building

“Character maketh a man”. We have been growing all these years hearing this adage, and all the moral values that our long heritage and traditions have taught us. Despite all the upbringing, the big bad world out there is easy to provoke us towards an easy character assassination and many times, people get succumbed to it even without realizing it. Many of the people who lost social respect, self-esteem, confidence and bigger goals, are those who first failed in their character.

Is character just a social image? It was. It is no longer a social image, but an inner discipline that guides us and leads us through a virtuous path of living. Character is not built in a day. It is like building a city. It takes years, and also a long effort to maintain it. It takes years to build a process of self-discipline and it just takes one stray incident, one vulnerable moment and one odd circumstance to ruin it.

Character building begins at home. It begins with every mother. The very way, how we act, behave and endure certain things over certain period of time, influence our children without saying. As elders, we have the utmost responsibility to maintain ourselves in such a fashion that children, will learn from us, and would be following us. Then comes our teachers, society and the people around at large who could influence. Limiting the time and programmes of what children watch and keeping a guard on their activities on internet, brings in a sense of security in children though they may find it frustrating at the beginning.

Character essentially does not mean to follow sentiments and orthodox ways of living. It has to be a right blend of modern thoughts, dreams of future, a focused path of growth and a guided faith. Here the faith is in the future of the upcoming generations; generations free of doubt, fear and intimidation and filled with truth and real moral fiber built with right attitudes and respectful character personalities. Let us rebuild our societies with good moral values, human virtues of friendship, tolerance, care and concern and empathy…to bring in a world of peace, harmony and brotherhood…ending wars of Nations, religions and materialistic greed.

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