Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Pursuit of Happiness... A Real Story unfolded today:-)

An year ago, when I watched the movie "The Pursuit of Happiness', I found one inspirational father, struggling to make a living for him and his son, the troubles, the perseverance and the happy ending. ....

Today,  when our friend in the neighbourhood Glendale Church of Brethren invited us to help us with dinner serving in one such shelter, a home for the homeless people searching for jobs,  I had little to think to extend our help.  

When me and Raghu, joined other 4 people and got the dinner tables ready for close to 40 people, of whom nearly more than 10 were children.,, I just had this movie rolling in front of my eyes.  

With the every plate I served, I only wished that they find work soon, could afford a home and go back to a permanent living at one place..   I wished each one of their lives' would change and reflect that of real Chris Gardener.   The children were so happy, not only to find a home cooked meal, good cookies, but also the real happiness of having a shelter to sleep,.... As we kept serving, we noticed more and more people walking in carrying their hand luggage filled with clothing and other essential stuff.

They were provided with a row of beds, a common  kitchen, decent sanitary facilities, a television and play area for kids, couple of computers to browse for jobs and big thank you board where people while leaving for good have left behind inspiring messages and thank you notes and job postings.  

Amidst all the day to day struggles, they would be going through, for they have to leave the place every day morning and return after 5 in the evening,  still I could see a true sense of gratitude and smiles on their faces.   That shows their optimistic look towards life and definite faith in the good things to come. 

We left the place with fullest gratitude to God, for having given us all good things and also enablement to help others in the smallest ways possible.   I have participated in lot of charitable work back home, but being part of such an endeavour here in States,  I have no words.... Except thankfullness to God....its my real pursuit of happiness...This day made a difference for sure.... I only wish, God takes care of every child who got our meal today :-) 


Kenny Kay-MaaN said...

Really nice post and how you have related the same with a really good movie :)

Umasree said...

Thank you Kenny...the place we now started visiting every month as a 'Guest Chef's ' is Path Achieve of Glendale California...Amazing lessons!