Friday, December 3, 2010

Opening Meandering .....Written for Dr.Rudhran

As I was reading through Dr.Rudhran's post in his blog on the same title of this post, I could not stop from adding a comment, reflecting his thoughts in my words as a Poet.... I thought it deserves a place in my blog too.... as I admire the artist in the psychiatrist who is difficult to understand by ordinary intellect....

Dear Friend, here are few lines for you!

A writer's mind is a clear slate

Like the child who began to write

The painter's brush is a little mouse

That runs as it finds its ruins unknown

We stumble upon our past and ponder about future

Disdain in one's preludes of the present

In the depths of silence, we find our words

In the midst of grumbling crowds, we find intimate silence

Only an artist in you can discover the fathoms

The fathoms of the inner oceans that divulge

Towards an incessant thoughts and unwinding tears

The tear is not of sadness in mind

But of the heart that runs behind

The past, that is never on my own task

Yet, I know I can run behind years of my life

In solitude and grace that I admire of myself

As thoughtscapes find no new mantles of peace

The landscapes around look like nothing but deserts

The deserts of sand flown in life of thoughts

The feelings of inner self that never found

Yet, in the rejoicing of being a nurturing mind

There is an essence of having being born

Just like the little child out of mother's womb

You write your memoir just for yourself

And not for the worlds to debate on

For it’s the passionate web of your life's events

That rekindles the fantasies of your inner self

Moments that soar from nowhere to all around

That makes you feel elated and regret all

Yet it is just between you and your past

That the gamble of lives travelling again in thoughts

There is no prerogative that drives to rest

For in it, you discover yourself in a quest

The quest is to find the meaning of life

Just yours, by all means, just your thoughts!!!


MAHESH said...

Hey Umasree,

I have seen your blog accidentally. It was really good. It had a gallore of articles with a mixed composition. All the best for you.


Umasree said...

Thanks Mahesh.