Thursday, January 27, 2011

360 Degrees...The Story of Afghan.

As a writer, I always have the urge to write what I feel, though I am many a time constrained and been careful not to end up becoming a controversy.  Hence, have delayed writing about one topic, that I kept on following for days now...and thought it should find an end.

Afghanistan.... my country's neighbour.  United States growing attention for vivid reasons.   Like every issue or a concern having 360 degrees of view, the topic of Afghanistan also raises questions beyond normal intelligence.

I heard kids singing "Pakistan,...neee pilakapeekestan" meaning, hello Pakistan, we will pull your pony tails... and  having born in post India-Pakistan division, and during the peak cricket fight between two nations,  there could be no better slogans to us than such things...for our brothers who parted away fighting with us...

A large portion of the tribal lands of Pakistan that could never come under the legal boundaries of Pak, and had their own laws and administration became sooner a breeding grounds for extremities in post World War II days with US and its allies wanting some strong arm to fight against Soviet Union. 

The fall of USSR and subsequent slowing down of Soviet Countries, the very arms that got sowed as a support system started to grow as a rebel union.  After the fall of USSR, the tribal lands still survived as the breeding grounds for Mujaheddin who later became slowly sunk as part of the Afghan extremists... who in post nineties emerged with strong footing as Taliban..... Basically if you look closely into this part of history, it is exactly what they sowed is what they are reaping.... be it UK, USA or India in any kind of partnership with both Pakistan or Afghan...

Good-neighbour-Friend syndrome, drives to the reality of the wealth that the country has in its land.  Rich natural gas and mineral wealth of Afghan is not a result of some surveys finding today.  Afghan flourished as a rich culture and long heritage for close to last 4000 years, once being the best of tourist destinations being in Central -Asia.   

The war in Afghan and its further protection by any armed forces, be it US or UK, will have no reason to be in the land once Osama is caught dead or alive.  That would mean troops have to be back home in 2011 as per the plan.  But there is a bigger reasons envisioning a long term trade relationship with a country like Afghanistan, that is now devastated by war, terrorism, Taliban and civil agitations in the name of democracy, politics and religion.   

No one will dare to take a quick end like Srilankan Rajapaske who took the bold step of making the war against LTTE as National issue than one that needs International support or consideration,  and handling it by going his way and putting an end to Prabakaran..thereby weakening LTTE all of a sudden.  He was strong enough not to let any of his neighbours or supporting countries to indulge in any of his countries internal issues which included LTTE... Taliban is no more an internal issue to Afghanistan and it is more a combined effort of US and its allies to provide support to Afghan...Moreover, as also a friendly ally,  to have its army base any day to fight against any of the Europeon or Asian Nation, just in  case the world is unfortunate to see the III world war in future.

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