Friday, January 14, 2011

The fall of my Autumn Leaf!

The Fall of My Autumn Leaf!
I was in her life, like a bird on the tree
Flocking here and there, as the days went by

I loved playing with her pulling around
Giggling as we played all aloud

Pushing her and bumped on her like no one did
Cried and fought with her for silly things

I found a mom in her many a time
Made fun, sang songs and rhyme

Gone to many a places with her steps
Just posing as if I am there for her help

We both loved freaking out at movies
And eating all junk food on the ways

She brought me sweet little things that I loved
And pampered me a lot like no one could

We went to Shirdi and prayed together
Used to sit at the sunflower fields and whisper afar

Proudly she taught hundreds of students in the village
There the people showed her real love in her old age

As the bird on the tree, I kept flocking all around
Leaving behind her alone, and unforgotten

Whenever the times made, I ran to see her
Spent some quite moments holding her aged hands

Slowly she started to lose her speech and walk
I used to sit at her bedside and kept silent watch

As the days went by and sickness took over her
She laid alone, silently looking into skies ailing

A year ago, when I went to see her again
She stopped to speak and looked at me with eyes in pain

I took her a radio so that she could hear songs
She showed me the TV that she never watches anymore

She pointed me to the helper of the home
A lady whom she asked me quietly to help as I can

Few months back, I ran to see her again
Hearing that she is failing and ready to go

This time too, I sat there in silence with no words
Silently, tears rolling down my thoughts and cheeks

The hospital bed looked like calling heavens
Somehow I felt that I may not see her again!

As the travel took me to other side of planet
I prayed at all lords I saw, to take her away in peace

I know she was in terrible pain and want to go
But never had the courage to let her go…

Finally as this new year stepped its turn
On another fateful Jan 9, I heard she is gone

I am in pain, a deep pain, a pain of being useless
Not being able to help her when she really needed me

I felt disgusting, that I failed to be there to see her go
May be, its godsend blessing, for it would have been so

Today, I know I don’t have her any more,
As I flock back to my tree as a wandering bird

Yet, somewhere, deep in me, there is a thought
That, that humble soul is somewhere close to my heart!

Yes, she was my real cherished Autumn Leaf
With Tears, I wish, May her Soul Rest in Peace!

My dad’s elder sister, Smt.Vimala Bai, fondly called ‘Pedda attaya’ passed away on 9 Jan 2011. Miss her so much!


You Know Me Very Well said...

Life takes us long and near yet so very far...bonds gets stretched and at times break away, but they would remain in our hearts forever...Today, as I read this... i felt the tugging in my heart through the tears in my eyes.. ...and I know how u would feel... and i am sure she would always be with u ..whatever u do and where ever u r... so just keep the faith and go ahead in ur life...u have long way to go.. long peaks to scale up... Love u .. and missing u all...

Btw.. its beautifully written...

Jay said...

Ironically she left on the same day that dad left us too :(