Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Smile is the Name of the Man! Love you Dad!

Smile is the name of the man
Who made us his life’s ever green

Held our hands as we learnt to walk

Smiled at every word as we learned to talk

Giggled us all over to see us smile

Ran behind us in our every small mile

Endearingly spent all his precious time

To cheer us, support us and love us

As a Dad, he gave us all his love

Walked beside us every day then and now

As one winter morning snatched him away

Brutally spoiling our nest’s happy days

He still smiled on us from the sky above

Showing us his blessings and love

One Star followed us everywhere we go

Spreading his divine will with glow

I can see his smiles running behind us

As we take every step towards his dreams

The dreams that he dreamt for us

The dreams that would not let us sleep

Love you Dad, always in our hearts

You will live with eternal peace within us

Never missed you Dad, for you blessed

All the time in all our ups and downs to rise

Truly and endearingly guiding us

With your divine will and grace!