Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Women's Day! A dedicated poem to all the women of this world

As a woman I died several times in this life

But just being a woman, I had to courage to raise again

As a woman, I fell to the gutters of chauvinism

Yet, just being a woman, I took that in stride of my feminism

As a woman, I cried several unending nights

Yet, I showed up a brave face and ready to fight

As a woman, I hurried to several trains to catch

Yet, I never left behind any unfinished match

As a woman, I loved being loved all the time

Yet, I had the courage to withstand ditching too

As a woman, I always liked to be dressed the best

But just being a woman, I did dress up to the situations true

As a woman, I shared my meal and peace all the time

Yet, I also learnt to let go my meal for a cause in tide

As a woman, I got shunned by the people of the society

Yet, I stood back and said, I am proud to be what I am as a woman

As a woman, I know I glorified everything that I liked

Yet, I had the right to reject what is not right in its form

As a woman, I lent my shoulders for friends to lean on

But just being a woman, I warned them not to be vulnerable on

As a woman, I know the struggles are many and always on

Yet being a woman, I know God made us that way to deal on

As a woman, I like the way You look at me and say so

But just being a woman, remember I am not a show case piece

As a woman, I love rest of my women folks who are wonderful

In not just the way they are, but for being great friends too

For being enduring Mothers, efficient professionals, loving daughters

And for being great wives and being Divas in their own Right!


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very apt beutifully worded congrats Uma