Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life is what you make it!

The silences of the heart...get unnoticed with the noises of the vehicles and voices of the official calls
The travel every day is a journey on its own....with the fears filled the walls and tears not down the falls

Yet with the grace built over the wisdom of years...hiding the facts of life behind curtains of social self
We run behind the schedules, run behind the traffic behind the dreams and all our engulfs

The clouds that dont really rain down....the fears that easily dont fade away...the dreams that are not far
The mountains of faith that stay unshaken....the charms of sweat that had been shed.... the fears gone afar

There comes the shades of life.....far from being the shadows of one self
There arises the charms amidst the valleys of the endearing faith and ensuring trust
Of the life that can make journeys unparalleled....
Our Ways of ensuring that tears and fears are just to overcome!

Dreams are to be dared and dreamt with out any constraints
The daring acts of the will of the heart to go beyond what we thought as possible!
Where is the end to the Man's quest of acheivements in the one single life he has!
The Saga of the Quest continues with the footprints one leave behind

We weave the threads of life to ever prolong the way We were made!
From the fact of truth, that shines from each one of us within!
The Glory, the Fortune, the Luck, the Love, the Care, the Success!
Its all in the way you make it...out of your own life! with its own recess!

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