Monday, May 7, 2012

Trekking at Nagalapuram Hills, Andhra Pradesh- A destination to fall in love with Nature…. A weekend getaway from Chennai.

If you are overwhelmed with the city life, buzzing traffic,  never ending pollution,  stressful work environments, routine family life….trust me, you have an option to escape for a day from every thing that makes your life bored, routine and never ending.   For those who seek peace and tranquility in the serenity of Mother Nature in its roughest, truest and modest form with no human intervention of manipulation, transforming for travel or recreation purpose,   here is one destination in its original form-  Nagalapuram Hills, close to Tirupathi/Srikalahasti in Andhra Pradesh.   2 hours drive from Chennai,  92 kms from the mid of the city and close to 8 hours package with Nature.  
The beauty of this place lies in the fact that it is natural.   Rough route, tough trek, original serenity of forests and rocky trails,   little touches  of zooming insects and possibly small snakes….the hills being Nagala’s original kingdom of peace!   As you drive close the destination, you don’t realize which of the mountains surrounded you are going to trek…. Few kilometers away from Ottukotai…you keep wishing the next road takes you to the trails beginning…. Be prepared for unexplored adventure in the forests, the rocky hills and steep climbs that is in store for you.   As you cross the Poondi Reservoir and couple of other smaller one’s you see a shady road with beautiful trees on either side…and then you enter a stretch of 3 kms which your cars will have a test drive!    The road is fit of cars and bikes…but bit rough roads so be prepared to manage this stretch.
For all the nature lovers,  remember this is the quickest, most wonderful destination from Chennai.   The visit to the forests, sloppy mountains, brooks and the narrow tunnels., the lively waterfalls and the pools that let you swim, dive, dance and fall in love all over again with life…..I would love to recommend this place for all that is closer to your heart.
Please remember this is a litter- free zone, and also to maintain the calmness and tranquility of the place, please do not pollute it by any means. 
Here is the agenda from our trip guide, a great friend and our biggest moral and physical support Vadivel. K, who is a senior trekker, part of the Chennai trekking club.  He would love to take more folks and friends to enjoy this trip that we thoroughly enjoyed.
Leave early around 5 am in Chennai, Trekking at Nagalapuram Hills, Andhra Pradesh-   A destination to fall in love with Nature…. A weekend getaway from Chennai. 

Have breakfast @Udhukottai
Purchase food items for lunch and proceed to Nagala western entry Via Pichatur Dam.
Park vehicles near Aree village
Climb over dam and proceed along stream.
Reach 1st pool and Proceed to 2nd pool.
Have Lunch and pleasant time there.
Return back to parking area in same trail.

Must Carry Items:
Please travel as light as possible. The lighter you travel the easier your trek.
1. Good walking shoes or a pair of sandals which will sustain the trek and can be used for the whole of the trek;
2. 1 x 1 litre water bottle filled with drinkable water
3. Medium sized back-pack to carry luggage, food, water & miscellaneous items
4. LED torch(Optional)
5. One extra set of clothes for return
6. Car/Bike owners -Bring your original licence and vehicle documents.
7. Extra plastic covers to wrap things if it rains.
9. Swimming tube for non-swimmers.


Food Menu:  Breakfast(Idly/Pongal/Dosa) @Udhukottai  (It was our choice..:-)
2)      We can buy Bread and Jam, biscuits, fruits and snacks for lunch at Udhukottai

What to Wear:

1. Shorts / track pants and T Shirt.
2. Carry Swimming costume if you don't want to sleep in wet clothes.

What not to wear:

1. Do not wear Formal wear/casual wear - Jeans, Corduroy or any other

What not to do:

1. Smoking not allowed
2. No littering and waste dumping in the forest..


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Will plan once we are in INDIA. Thanks for the post.

RamPrasad Alla

Anonymous said...

How long is the trek?

Posting Load and Truck said...

A very well published images.

Vivek Raja said...

Hi am about to go to Nagalapuram hills with 8 of my friends, could you please get me any guide number to assist us through the trek...

Anonymous said...

Please contact Santhosh who lives Nagalapuram and he is a good guide and also drives Auto.

Bals said...

Can any one guide me how to go to Nagalapuram falls

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Umasree Raghunath

praveen kumar said...

Which month is best to visit nagalapuram

Anonymous said...

If some one wants to travel nagalapuram in a group you can contact this guy who is in Chennai for arranging a Van . Mohan : 9884065577

Anonymous said...

If some one wants to travel nagalapuram in a group you can contact this guy who is in Chennai for arranging a Van . Mohan : 9884065577

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much UmaSree!. We are a couple of oldie goldies . I have loved reading this post and enjoyed my day trip to Nagala falls.