Thursday, May 17, 2012

Internet is Fun- Its a way of Life!

As I keep on my Run!
Every day it’s a sin
Without Internet to win!

Crazy games that I play
Funny jokes that I share
News on the go!
I am ahead of the row!

Songs that keep me tuned!
RJs who dive me pruned
Facebook that is the only face
I see every day for every race

Tumbling upon the Oddee site
Googling everything this earth has
Cant imagine life without Internet
For we know life is intertwinednet

Illusions that get shared
Our breadths to take away
Videos that make you go gong!
Or just relax with your favorite song!

Where is life today without Internet?
I know there is no fun as I can bet!
There are flowers the bloom everyday
In the virtual world we are living today

Internet is not just another technology
But it is the way of life- a new mythology
Its more of connecting lives today
The way we interact and live every day

Fun, that is just a spring that sings
Internet is the hub of the blings
Passions, hobbies and friends
Social media that makes our lives no ends!

We wake up with a beep of the net
YouTube wishes with yoga videos abundant
Mom’s cooking live telecasted on skype
We eat and breath broadcasting across

Birthday parties and e- parties come alive
Across the oceans and vivid timezones
We share our thoughts and prayers
Live our lives connected through wires!

Gardens we grow and farms we share
Changes to peep in other worlds with glare
Join any housing, job or fun fares
With just the click on my mobile world

 I may die and perish
But my virtual world will live on
I may forget living,
But art on my walls will be built on!

To go beyond and bust the myth
That there is no change ever constant
The lives of the digital world
Will live just not long but wide to prolong!

So, Here I repeat!

Internet is Fun
As I keep on my Run!
Every day it’s a sin
Without Internet to win!

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