Thursday, May 17, 2012

This is for my 'Amma'....From Aishu's desk!

It's all the words they say.
That can't be taken so easily. 
It's all the things they mean. 
That can hurt us unimaginably. 
Though I tell myself to control my rage. 
But the doubts on me is, is simply out of the range. 
I really wish I had someone by my side telling me 'it's gonna be alright' 

But who is that 'someone'?
Where is that 'someone'?
What is that 'someone' doing?
Ain't that 'someone' supposed to be by my side?
When am I gonna find that someone?

Its easy for a random person telling me 'its common, things happen'. 
But it's not easy to bear the pain of an intense wound, that can't be healed so easily...
Words can hurt...
They stay back reminding you all the time.
I really want that 'someone' who can guarantee me that,
'someone' is gonna be with me until the end;
give me a shoulder and does not pretend.
Who holds my hand until the last second.
I really wish I had that someone right hear,
Right now,
Right at this moment with me!

It's the words that accuse for the stupidest reasons!
It's the words that make me feel demotivated!
It's that words that tell me that I'm good for nothing!
It's all the things they mean that can't be let out for reasons...
It's not just words!?!
But these words can hurt!!!
Why does all the words have to exist?
I'm tired of these awful  words!!
It's easy to say 'why don't u follow your intuition?'
But following your intuition is really hard!

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When am I gonna be relied!?!
Relied on that 'SOMEONE'!!
But I'm sure that there is that someone waiting for me!
And I will wait for that someone!

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In my case that someone is my MOTHER!!
Happy mothers day Amma!!!

(Moved with this poem coming in from my child.....what else can I say?)

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