Friday, May 18, 2012

Sahaya Illam- A Social Visit- Join hands to support


Every parent treats the child like a flower
Feeds them, prunes them and cares for them in galore
As they grow old, and children fly off the nests
Circumstances change and priorities rests
The very parents become a unwanted part in life
The very hands that cared are left alone to walk
The eyes that showered love are left back in tears
As old age and helplessness creeps, they are left in fears


Helpless, downtrodden, destitute and lone parents
Left behind to the mercy of some helping souls alone
The society is still not a jungle where we prey on others suffering
Still, this world thankfully is a better place to live and care


Few good and generous trusts come forward to support
Let them live their rest of lives in dignity and respect
Corporate Youngsters awake to a social cause
Let alone the partying or western influences or what not
They are blamed and thought to be irresponsible
These youngsters join hands to celebrate in giving back
To the society in their little ways possible
Tomorrow they make better children and good citizens
For they have seen the other side of the comfortable lives
What makes them do this, is not just a fun or time pass
But an inner awakening that is rejuvenated as a team
The little steps they take make a big difference
In bringing back the long lost smiles on the elderly faces
For one day, the faces shined leaving behind the fearful traces!

See it to believe it:

Social Visit of Chennai Trekking Club friends to Sahaya Illam, St. Patrick Church Trust, St.Thomas Mount, Chennai on 17 May 2012….an evening of a working dayJ  Celebrating birthdays of Malika and Mahendra Vaska….same time bringing in smiles of the aged!

Few glimpses

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