Friday, July 6, 2012

Sakuntala Poetry Contest 2012- Topic: This is close to my heart

In memory of a great woman in our lives, we have instituted a Poetry Contest in her name -  Sakuntala Poetry Contest 2012-   The topic for this year is 'This is close to my heart'.

The form of poetry can be anything.  The topic can be related to place, person, hobby, dream, work etc.  Surprise gifts await top 3 poems selected.  End date for submission 15 July 2012.   Winners will be informed on 18th July 2012.  

Mail your submissions to with the subject line -  Sakuntala Poetry Contest 2012.

The poems need to be around 200 words but there is no limit.    Rush your entries now!
Winning Entries:

1. From Kanchana Srinivasan


I saw you in the sunshine
I saw you in the love of God
The warmth you gladly share
That makes you want to care,b'cause
You're so close to my heart!!!
The beauty of your heart
With love that you impart
I saw you in your prettiness
I saw you in the sunshine,b'cause
you're so close to my heart!!!

You are beautiful... as you don't need a mirror to see
You are generous... as you can take as sweetly as you can give.
You are wise... as you know the limits of your wisdom.

Poetry from the Heart,b'cause
you're so close to my heart!!!
When we're so far apart
it takes a toll on my heart

I wish you'd visit me again
in my dreams like before,b'cause
you're so close to my heart!!!

You're always on my mind
You're so far from my reach
maybe soon in real life
that last thought I adore,b'cause
you're so close to my heart!!!


Winning Entry 2: From Sharmila Ramesh


There are many parts to it
Yet it is always called a unit
Each part has different wants
Yet there is joy and not taunts
The size of the parts may vary
Yet they are not cautious or wary
Some very small and so young
Yet others big, round or long

When one decides to work at home
To create magic not unlike a gnome
The other may want to work outside
Not by choice, but to save their hide

The home is always the base
Well laid brick work for the race
It is the ground every part returns to
For the safety and warmth of the cocoon
Nothing gives me more happiness
There is no place for nonchalance
This is that which is close to my heart
No award could coerce me to part

With my children, husband and his family
Who are as much mine as mine is to me
We are the parts of that wonderful unit
Sharing love like a million lamps, lit.

Winning Entries- Special Categories:  Zepphora Lyngdoh


By Zepphora Lyngdoh

O MEGHALAYA- serene landmarks of beauty you hold
A cue to the various Mysteries that you unfold !
Enchanting Peace and Grace that Captivates,
Lost in your wonder,no one Deviates.

You embrace every Foreigner without distinction,
But never part with your strong Culture and Tradition.
The Rich advice and heritage of the old,
Unravels the truth behind the folklores Untold.

You merge the seven districts and mould them into One,
Like a Rainbow that shimmers,keeping everybody stunned.
Your value,your dearness cannot be compared
When the courage of our warriors who didn't falter are shared

"Tis my Lovely Land"-you have it all
Outstanding resources,the lakes,the gleaming waterfalls
Dressed in an amazing attire you are truly Unique,
Music lovers,Sports fans,Cool climate at their highest peak.

I am thankful to God,to be a part of you
You nurtured me all these years,like mother's do
May you be secure from every plight,
And may your name stand supreme far and wide;

"Meghalaya- may you prosper in Everything."!!

Winning Entry- Special Category:  Sushi Natraj



A green world, where man lives in harmony with nature

A just world, where people can live free without fear

A happy world, where neighbours are loving and giving

A caring world, where children are cherished and don’t work for a living

A beautiful world, where we nurture our heritage and history
An ordered world, where the law is the same for you and for me

A prosperous world, where poverty and need exist no more
A peaceful world, where countries meet not to go to war

A harmonious world, where man and beast play their natural roles
An accepting world, where differences are not treated like opposite poles

A progressive world, which learns to change for the better
A reasonable world, that does not quote the law to the letter
A questioning world, where science and spirituality work side by side

A welcoming world, where everything is greeted with wonder and pride
A sharing world, where the gap is small between the haves and the have-nots
A thinking world, where actions are decided by what good can be wrought
All this is my dream, my passion - and I wish to play a part
To make all this come true –This really is close to my heart!

Thanks to all participants and congratulations to the winning entries.    Look forward for more contests in this space

-  Uma


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