Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Rainy Night

3 Dec 2012-   A Rainy Night

Looking out of the window pane

I watch the stars disappearing in pain

As the clouds overshadow them in disdain

And my thoughts linger all along my brain


The clouds turn thicker and dark

And trees swing in the winds hitting the bark

The birds run behind the nests to hide

As the thunders start roaring loud and wide


The first showers that touch the earth

The smell of the mud that raises the dirt

The little insects that shiver in the rain drops

And the small animals run for shelter crops


Suddenly the evening turns into a rainy night

The beautiful sun disappears into the skilful might

The dark canopy of clouds attire the night sky

And I look into the darkness and wondering why


The shining thunder lights sending frighten sounds

Louder barking of the hovering distant hounds

Children wanting to play in the rainy mud ponds

Yet the elders warning them not getting wet in the grounds


The twilight of the night fall that comes to my mind

Of the boats we rushed in the waters from the rain

The childhood in me awakens and rejoices again

Making me smile, giggle, whisper within my kind


Feeling like cuddling to my favorite teddy bear

And hugging all over and going to sleep

Yet wanting to watch the night unfolding

In the raining weather that is beautiful to describing


As the stars start to reappear after the heavy rains

I rejoice counting them like a child playing in the rain

The sky is wishful after the rainy night

Just like the life that is calm after a stormy fight!


I happily Love every rainy night!

That lets me think and dance in my tunes!

The Tunes of my heart that cherishes its beat!

Every rain drop is an epitome to smell the earth’s retreat!








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Anonymous said...

What happened., there is no update in your blog since Dec.2012.,
You never knew who are reading your blog and pleased with what you have stated., and relate to your observation.,
Please continue..
All the very best..