Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thanks- A Poem dedicated to my dear friend

This poem was originally written in Telugu and was a tribute to my dear friend Srujana whom we missed in a freaky car accident a month ago.  Her death was as devastating as possible and her memories are as glorious as we could cherish.  Her family published the poem titled ' Krutagnathalu' means thanks in Telugu and I made a simple effort to translate the same in English ......


Thanks to the five cosmic elements of Nature;  Water, Wind, Fire, Earth & Sky
Thanks to the entire creation, and thanks to the creator
Thanks to the parents, thanks to our teachers,
Thanks to the thought of expressing thanks,  within me, a big thanks

Thanks to those who troubled me and whom I troubled,
Thanks to the forgiveness that was taught
Thanks to the ignorance
For creating the thirst for knowledge

Thanks to the failures,
For teaching the lessons of success
Thanks to the problems in life
For giving strength to finding right solutions

Thanks to the loneliness and lackness
For being the reason to be strong and together
Thanks to the every thanks
For letting me appreciate the greatness of gratitude, life and thanks

- A Tribute to Maganti (Chava) Srujana Choudary

Life is Beautiful....... Srujana....

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