Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Hero Behind the scenes of Neeya Naana- Antony

The Hero Behind the scenes of Neeya Naana-   Antony

Antony-  Captain of Neeya Naana- Photo Courtesy- Facebook
The real brain behind the scene is always unseen'-   As such the real heroes are always unsung.   This is not only for our Indian Army, Armed Forces but also for the Genius called Antony.

Millions of viewers watch the TV
 show - Neeya Naana-   a popular Tamil debate show in Vijay TV- a subdivision of Star Network.   The applause and credit goes to the anchor Mr. Gopinath.C.   He is famous for his style of debating skills, acute journalism, and right usage of words at the right time and keeps the show in track of the conversations, balancing emotions and reactions of the either groups during the debates.  He also adequately stays composed, with his dialogue delivery, use of the right connotations and excellent linguistic skills.   What millions of viewers are not aware is that the entire show is  controlled, managed, directed and delivered by the Director- Antony...who stays through out the show capturing the same bit by bit, and delivering word by word, prompting to Gopi on what next to be done.   Gopi excellently manages hearing to the heartbeat called Antony, and the same time managing the pulse of the parties involved; this in turn makes it an excellent team effort and a success story.

Right from the production team, sourcing the right people to talk, organizing the studio, lighting, set management, audio controls, camera captures, editing, sound and recording basics, and starting with a devotional prayer before the actual shooting, everything is so well organized and controlled.   Make-up and Coats of Gopinath, to providing water and tea to the participants on regular basis all along the show, and also providing food for those who travelled to the studios, they ensure that the whole team is comfortable.   This show is not for the 15 minutes of fame.   This show is for proving an insight into the subjects handled.   This show is all about the reality of our everyday lives...the facts that we hide and the fiction we diction so easily.   This show is to highlight the social issues, probing into root causes, trying to influence in its smallest way to the segment of the society that it can reach.

Antony is to be widely appreciated for the choice of topics- that are both current and also related to the every day lives of the normal people in the society.  The topics and the show are so popular only for the reason that the viewers can relate to themselves in some way or the other.   It does not dilute from the facts though it builds over a planned context of discussion supremely controlled and managed by our unsung hero- Antony

As long as we have directors like Antony who are managing huge projects like Neeya Naana, there is no doubt of their success.   No wonder, the team is in tact from the day it started till today.   The show is only gaining popularity and wisdom as the years go and matures into a compulsory relaxing hours ending the weekend, being telecast late evening every Sunday.  It does not just stay as a weekend entertainment or week day re-telecasts for people at homes, but it becomes a knowledge area that cannot be missed.   This would continue for sure as long as this man is at the helm of affairs.

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This is absolutly biased and only favours females. trp is the req for vijay tv. gopinath likes to scold men and supporting opposite means he can do some other job.