Monday, July 1, 2013

Triplicane Ratna Cafe- One of the best Chennai Charms

As a child when ever we used to visit the Parthasarathy temple and the beach, the dinner destination was undoubtedly one spot that sprangs with hot idly's and spicy savoring Sambar.

Idly- Sambar is one ultimate food combination for Chennai Lovers and this place called Ratna Cafe in Triplicane is a heaven.  Go during any time of the day, you get to taste mouth-watering specialty and the food being served with  unlimited sambar pouring to your plate, you only wish you could eat more.   

The Original Ratna Cafe is in the busy crowded lanes of Tiruvalekeni as it was called when Chennai was Madras...still retains the same charm and glory...though the tables are experiencing the test of time, cushions are worn out, the photos on wall are old, and kitchen still fumes with black smoke.   

Today, there are multiple branches of this older timer, and giving the Chennities the pleasure of their traditional sambar-idly.  However, I would still take time to travel to the old Ratna cafe for my plate of Sambar - Idly and a strong filter coffee....

If you love, this place, share with me your experiences and love as Chennai foodie!

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