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Bird Old Age Home- Acharappakam, 2 hours drive from Chennai- Needs Support

Service to the society is considered a service to God.  People live in a precarious situation.  Sense of insecurity prevails love and affections and passionate treatment are quite uncommon.  Under this background BIRD is rendering humanitarian service to the downtrodden rural people.

Birds Mission is to provide Total Health Care for needy people living in our villages.

The Bureau of Integrated Rural Development (BIRD)  is a registered 27/91 non-governmental Oranization and non profitable organization.  Since its inception in 1991, the organization has been active in the village of Acharappakkam and Chithamur blocks of Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu, India, providing assistance and services to the people of these villages

The Organization over the years has conducted several medical camps, eye camps and awareness campaigns on HIV/AIDS and has been rewarded by international community for its efforts

Birds Mission it to provide total care for the Aged and Handicapped

Eyecamps conducted have benefited numerous aged people having cataract problem.

At present, the organization runs and maintains and sustains the following:

1. Home for the aged destitutes
2.  Day Care Center for needy children
3.  Mobile Medical care unit

The Organization provides shelter, food, clothing, medicare to aged destitute and handicapped people.  100 kms from Chennai, 1km off the Chennai-Tindivanam Highway the home is located overlooking hills in the  Perumberkandigai Village, Thozhupedu Post- 603310, Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu.

They look towards help in trying to fulfill the hope for better tomorrow.

There are various ways by which we could contribute towards sustaining the aged people.  Needs of rice, dhall, cereals , oil, tea , clothes, medicines etc., on a regular basis or sponsors can provide a piece meal on any given day

Sponsoring of a meal will be as follows:

1. Full Day Meals- Rs 1500/-
2.  Lunch Only-  Rs 1000/-
3.  Breakfast Only-  Rs 750/-

Only Vegetarian food will be served.  All contributions to the organization are tax deductable under 80-G of the Income Tax Act., and the Organization is also registered under FCRA  with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

Future Plan

1.  Construction of the old age home in the site already in possession of the organization
2.  To expand the formation of women self help groups with a target of 100 groupds during this year with an ultimate object of forming a strong women federation
3.  Construction of creche for the children of landless agricultural and other women labourers
4.  To Purchase Van for running Mobile Medical Care Unit as well as emergency use of the old age home
5. To augment resources for drugs and medicines for running of mobile medical care services with an intention to cover more number of villages.

Organizations Financial Status:

The Organization is managing the financial affairs through local contributions with a meager government support in implementing the welfare programs.  The Organization will be thankful to the donors who will appreciate the mission and come forward to help them financially to do more service to the humanity.


1.  To upgrade the socio economic status of the people of downtrodden
2.  To create world of heaven where the old aged live with peace and comfort.
3.  To make the poor children to attain a noteable educational background for their betterment
4. Above all to preach spiritual values among the people to sink their differences and to live peacefully


By Rendering Selfless service with zest and zeal

For further information and details, please contact

The Secretary
Bureau of Integrated Rural Development (BIRD)
No 62, Karapgavinayagar Koil Street
Perumberkandiai Village
Thozhupedu Post-  603310
Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu, India
Phone :  9443152930

Cheques should be drawn in favour of 'Bureau of Integrated Rural Development'.

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k.rahman said...

hi, i would like to make a small donation. before that i sent an email to confirm the bank account details. no response received. do you have any contact details?