Sunday, October 6, 2013

What is Rubella and why Inner Wheel is keen to get this vaccination as part of its health care drives?

Rubella is a disease caused by a virus, Rubella. Rubella means “little red”. Red spots appear on the body like a rash during the illness.  This disease is also called German measles. It can affect any one, young or old, male or female. Most often young children transmit the disease to adults.  
Rubella could become widespread in schools, camps and crowded places as it is  transmitted by air.  When Rubella strikes a pregnant woman, it could be most serious, not for   the mother, but for the child she is carrying. During pregnancy the Rubella virus  reaches the foetus and interferes in its growth and development. Depending on the  stage of pregnancy,this may result in an abortion, still birth or severe congenital malformations involving various organs.

All those who have had MMR  as a child should be given a booster dose  after puberty ie, NOW.!"

The following tables give some idea of these defects.
Abnormalities due to Rubella in first trimester.
60 – 75 % Hearing loss.
50 – 90 % Eye defects
40 –50 % Heart defects
25 –40% Psychomotor retardation


For adults a single vaccine of Rubella in a single dose is effective  for a minimum period of 20years.

Let's Act Now and Let's make India Rubella Free

Inner Wheel joining hands with Rotary International aims at eradicating diseases and bring in a healthy and happy society and hence the urge to get our girls vaccinated for a healthier families.

Pictures Courtesy:  Inner Wheel District 323- Rubella Awareness and Vaccination Camp- MGR Janaki College-  5 Oct 2013.  

Over 8,000 persons gathered at YMCA, Nandanam, on Saturday to try their hand at a Guinness record at an event organised by Rotary District 3230 — Photo: B. Jothi Ramalingam-  The Hindu dated 7 Oct 2013

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