Monday, October 7, 2013

Rent My Womb!

She came and she saw my child
Beautiful bundle of joy and kind
Her eyes were green and thoughts gone wild
She snatched her from my arms being unkind

I felt sad that she could not be a mother,
Offered her to help the way I can do better
Promising her tears to go away titter
And let her thoughts not go to wither

What can I do to help her from not being a mother?
Can I give away my precious bundle of joy to share together?
Or can I rent my womb in turn for her joy
And make her also feel the warmth of being a mother

I could see her love for children
And the way she can take care of them in random
Why was God so unkind not to give her, her own?
To spread the happiness and belonging grown

She was just another ordinary woman with all the feelings
Reacting to the sensitivities of the society towards barren ladies
Cried alone and showed fake smiles when she was in a group
Yet, she cursed her destiny and her life that was in a soup

I could feel her sadness and relate to her as a woman
She cried when I said that I would bear her child
Caught my hands and whispered silently in my ears
That she can never feel the child her own when I am around!

Where can I go, from this world afar?
Just because I thought to be kind making her as a mother
To share my space of physical pain for her joy
At the end, I realized I need to say to this thought, a Good Bye!

Giving a child in adoption is not just another solution, having the mind and thought, heart and soul to share whom you have is the boldest thing you could do.  If infertility is an issue, open your hearts to receive the god’s child left alone in this world.  Surrogacy is just a social taboo. If that could solve the problem, go ahead and do it. But just do it on time and with the biological mother’s full will and warmth. Not for money and renting the womb…and let the foster mother shower love and care just like her own. After all, we are a country where we saw Lord Krishna enjoying both Devaki and Yasodha…foster care is not new to this world…where hearts can open to welcome anyone with same happiness and peace!

Is it not time to bridge the gap between to-be-parents and orphans in this world, so that we fill a great joy in the lives of both?   Instead of making infertility an issue,  childless couples lives a misery,  orphans children abandoned in this world,  we need to look beyond our limitations and take the bold steps that are necessary to become a better society, as strong individuals and above all happy self's by doing what our hearts say is right and what our sensible thoughts make us believe we can and move on!

Inspired by Suliaman's Poem:

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sulaiman sait said...

Wonderful poem mam....

you have very well mentioned about the pain of separation