Sunday, February 23, 2014


Rocks- at Kovalam Beach- Pic Courtesy Ramesh Raja

Sitting along the sea coast
Watching the submerging waves
The rays of the sun at its best
Songs of the rocks sing in my head

The clouds wavering as bridal girls
Ready to spill the showers of rain
Rocks do shine as the rain begins
As if God has sent them a cleaner to shine

The shining rocks bring in a story of love
Withstanding the urges of nature and pain
Inviting a traveler by to sit and stare
At the mighty rejuvenating water bed

Kids jump from one rock to the other
Making a sage nearby whisper no wonder
Life is itself like these rocks that don’t care
In its widest range of sizes and shape

Rocks makes you hop on from one to another
With nothing but a ray of faith and sunshine
Telling you to leave behind every tear
And move on to another rock to endear

As you sit on the rock and get lost in the winds
Your mind tells you that you are at nature’s best
Ready with smile at its every unknown test
Rocks big and small, touched by ocean waves

Rays that ride, straight on your face
Makes you believe in a supreme faith
The rocks whispering goodness with grace
What may come, the rocks stay tight

Holding its power and shine in all its might
These solid rocks are not just another creation
They are god sent messages with blissful formation! 
Rocks rock on to make you smile and go ahead!

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