Saturday, February 22, 2014

Faith in the Divine!

Caught between the nuances of truth and faith
Unavailing mind that rips apart with shadows of past
Making up the will to sustain and sea of life to live
Yet, the thunders and the shades of dark clouds
Engulf the panoramic view of the slated sunshine

What makes it go beyond the human atrocities?
It’s just a blind faith and a strong hope in Divine
There can be no future without a ride against the tides today
Making you smile and live in peace every day

However strong be the darkness of the clouds
With the spirit to sustain and move on with winds
Will make the clouds disappear and stars shine again
Just Faith and Faith in the possibilities as sorrows disdain!

Nothing but a compromise of both heart and brain
To believe in the strength and power of the guiding Divine!

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