Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A beauty called Taj- A Poetry on Taj Mahal – Symbol of Love!

Date: 2 April 2014- Day 2 NaPoWriMo

A beauty called Taj-  A Poetry on Taj Mahal – Symbol of Love!

The gates to Taj opened up a splendor
Grandeur in white marble all over
Walking ahead of the red stones walls
A moon light on earth witnessed a fall

The radiance of the symmetrical walls
Symbolizing the depths of a love
It’s not just another tomb stones to visit
But a mesmerizing visual treat

The carvings that speak wonders of art
Creative skills that adored the walls
The four pillars of the Taj look like
Giant soldiers standing in guard

Eyes were not just enough to admire
Ornaments of flowers and plants adore
Amidst the waters of Yamuna flowing
Behind the northern walls of Taj

Truly said as a symbol of Shah’s love
For his endearing wife Mumtaz…Wah Taj
Buried for the third and final time
Her remains with his lay hidden inside

The walls of the tomb stones that can be seen
Quran inscribed all over the outer walls
Make you feel bowing down for a Namaz
Mystically closed chambers in the Taj

Make you ponder on the creation for a while
As you walk across the 17 hectares miles
You will feel a sense of echoing love
She may not be just one queen of Shah
But for sure, she had a special place
22 long years of construction marvel
With 20,000 plus workers adored
The steps to Taj smell of the sweat
And blood of the workers who built it

It’s not just a epitome for Mumtaz
But a creative wonder in stone for all
Which ever way you see Taj, it reflects
The same image of symmetrical walls

It is a sure architectural wonder
Amidst the feeling of love it blinders
Poetry in stone, written for ever
With its beauty, charm and love

Its man’s pride in his creation
Love is one of the essences in passion
Truly a symbol of eternal love
Of a man and woman that stays on

Times may come and men may go
Taj will stand with its beauty for ever
Reminding generations to come
That Love is alone the winning bond

Between human hearts and minds uniting
Love can just not build mausoleums
Its leaves behind engineering marvels
Love is not just in the life living together
It is also in resting in final sleep altogether!

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