Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ganges- A perennial river. A pious river of spiritual quest

Date: 3 April 2014  Day 3- NaPoWriMo 2014
Ganges-  A perennial river.  A pious river of spiritual quest

 Oh Mother Ganges…a lovely green showers
On earth flowing from the Serene Shiva’s head
Green like her perennial flows to bless the lands
Life becomes solved, bowing down to you

Oh Mother Ganges, you flow amidst the mighty
Himalayan and dense forests...bringing in a love
Of the waters, skies and lands all in one place
Creating a beautiful warmth amidst the cold waters

Oh Mother Ganges, your tributaries’ makes us pay tributes
To our forefathers, sitting quietly at your Ghats
There is no end to the beliefs we have in your love
For you give us life, give us faith and give us blessings

Oh Mother Ganges, you are source of life
As a sacred Lord Shiva’s endearing wife
You show us paths to take and those not to
Making us realize what is right and what is not

Oh Mother Ganges, you are not just another river
But the flow of our thoughts and all kind of deeds
You show us what life is and what death is
In its truest forms and all visible ways in your arms

Oh Mother Ganges,  we bow to you in reverence
We shed our tears and let the pasts go along your flow
We hug you tight and expect life to change for good
You show us light and let us go in the paths set right

Oh Mother Ganges, in your eternal existence of life
We are blessed to savor your warmth and love
Benefits in the form of health and blessings for wealth
You make our life’s truly blessed. Thank you Mother Ganges!

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