Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Theatrical Take On!

A Theatrical take on!
that's where the drama begins
The story is a reflection 
of the truth and fiction
 Dreams of man
mixed with his vision
Syndicate of stories
heard and unheard
mythical and epic
historical and sensational
sorrowful and of joy
myths and comedy mix
expressions that tell stories
dialogues that deliver sharpness
direction that details
story that holds the lifeline
actors are all mere players
in the stage called life
enacting their different roles
diverging into the depths
becoming the characters
that they effectively play
Eyes that squeeze to cry
Smiles that jump into action
Camera and lights that roll on
Editing and dances that mix
songs and music that plays
in the air that brings in peace
Theater is not just another art
it is the man's deepest expression
showing a sheer dedication
always a true celebration
Hard to play and portray
directly on the stage day
Each one plays their role
join together as one whole
big family of friendships
and feelings of all kinds
There is no end to this drama
that brings stories to life
There is no end to this art
till the mankind exists
However, we enact our roles
in our real lives, happily
we reflect the roles on stage
with nothing but being in the same
becoming characters yourself
we live in them and breathe 
so that the art of theater
just goes on for ever to live!


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