Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Joy of Giving!

The Joy of Living
Is In the Joy of Giving
For Its mean truthful sharing
with love, with life and caring!

The Joy of Giving
gives your life a meaning
there is happiness in sharing
warmth in genuine caring

Share your knowledge
and the wisdom grows in length
Share your happiness
for it doubles when given in wholeness
Share your love
for there is nothing more to give

Pledge to donate your eyes
for it shows the world new vision
Pledge to donate your organs
for they give new life to someone

Prepare to share your food
that makes you stomach full
Prepare to share your books
for the make light of knowledge shine

Give a true caring hug
that makes others feel truly good
Give those you love a warm kiss
for that makes hearts jump in bliss

Give your time to someone you care
for that is the precious gift you can give
Give you space for plants and trees
for they give you oxygen to breathe

Give it for any cause you care
that makes the purpose solved
for every single drop
makes it to the oceans deep

We make our living by what earn
We make our life by what we give
Earn hard as much as you can
for a share of it goes back to those in need

Stop being jealous and greed
for the earth can bear what all we need
learn to call on those who need
and spend some time to feed

Giving is not just another act
of gentle real kindness
It is a spiritual experience
that makes your live in peace

Raise above the mediocre minds
awakening the joy of giving in kinds
Smile is the simplest gift
that truly returns with its light

There is nothing like a right time
it all needs a thought in your heart
to make it in the smallest way
of kindness and happy care

Give until it gives you  joy
then you know you are truly giving
Love yourself if you learn to give
for you are making yourself loved
Live life in simple happy ways
nothing but the joy of giving!

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