Tuesday, April 8, 2014

All the Worlds' a stage

All the Worlds' a stage
Date: 8 April 2014...Day 8 @ NaPoWriMo 2014

Seven ages of man- As you Like it!

As the great William Shakespeare said,
All the World's a Stage
This is not just a phrase or adage
But a truth to acknowledge

 The long story of a each life
Never ends without a wishful knife
Right from the cradle to the grave
Man makes his own actions 

By truth, by lies, by love, by disguise
being honest, ugly and naive
Can be in any form of living
as a child who just starts walking
or toddler learning to speak
or a youngster aiming for peaks

Young man yearning for a bride
Married man craving for a child
Businessman wanting to see success
or a petty thief looking for riches
There is no end to man's greed
or limits to the endless needs

The sky is the only limit
for the man's thoughts to reach
The sea is the only depth
for man to dig his graves deep

The world is the only stage
to enact his every play
In his youth, the wisdom arises
towards many accomplishments

In his middle age, wishes fulfills
one by one as his duties unfolds
In his old age, he wants
only the eternal peace
that is far from his reach

However, the man does not change
from asking for things
that are always not in hand
than cherishing the one's he has

He cries for silly things
laughs aloud for crazy stuff
wanders in lust and lame
eating up the Nature's space

Turning back to the childhood days
Losing his teeth and shining skin
Brims up with breezing smile
with wrinkled innocent face

The grace of the age that shows
that no matter how we lived
our destinations are all the same
irrespective of what ever fame

The bridge between 
the life and sutler death
Is just the world we live
and en-actions we play
making our world
the grandest Stage!

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