Monday, April 7, 2014

Health is Wealth

Day 7 @ NaPoWriMo 
Date: 7 April 2014, Monday

Health is Wealth
There is no other prosperity
than being healthy
Shine or Dine
Eat Right
To stay Bright
Smiles a lot
to keep you happy
Laugh aloud
to be more healthy
Eat Nuts
To crack every nut
Eat Fruits
To be flowing fresh
Eat Vegetables
For Green is always Fine
Drink Plenty of Water
for our body needs it most
Exercise Daily
Not to be potato couches
Walk Every Day
to make your feet smile
Make friends
to kill boredom
Meet Family often
to ensure you are not alone
Have good thoughts
to keep your brain active
Memorize things
for nothing but memories brings
more happiness
and reminds of life lived
Go out and enjoy Nature
Man's best doctor
Plant trees
for they give you fresh air
Enjoy gardening
for they give you good oxygen
Go out in sun for a while
for Vitamin D is essential
Oil your body and head
to keep both always cool
Make food colorful
for it makes it interesting
Drink Milk
for your bones need calcium
Brush daily twice
for your smiles count
Keep your nails trimmed
for you are not an animal
Sleep right
for your body needs rest
Dream big
for aspirations unfold
Close your eyes for few minutes
Meditation bring you peace
Stay stress-free
for it keep depression away
Stay Calm
for it makes thinking right
Look at stars at least once
for you will see brightest lights
Keep your house clean
to keep infections away
Wear clothes simple
for your body needs to breathe
More than everything
Love yourself always
Listen to your body
keep your mind calm
keep your words in control
Anger in its limits
Frustrations away
Hatred in back seat
Love in the first row
Happy Smiles Brighter
For Life is to live
Healthy and Happy
Today and for ever!

Happy World Health Day!
7 April 2014

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