Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter - Celebrating Jesus Christ and true meaning of life

  Easter - A festival of life and resurrection

Day-20- NaPoWriMo 2014
Date: 20th April 2014

Oh Lord, the day you rose from death
to show us life beyond the body 's rest
Resurrected from the pains of humanness
and the bondage's of body and soul

Mary Magdalene, Oh Lord, Mourning your death
Supporting your final moments on earth
Standing besides the crucified Cross
with tears along with John, the beloved

As Gospels Say, she was the one to see you raise
When the Angel whispered to her the holy fact
Eostara- the celebration of goodness of the spring
Equinox and the goodness of rebirth and glory

Feast that marked the rebirth of the mother Earth
Celebrated the divine resurrection and rebirth
Easter Eggs and the Easter Bunny
Carried from feat of Eostara to celebrate fertility

Pagan joy in the rising sun of lovely Spring
symbolizing the glory of the Rising Son of God
Decoration of eggs, and hunts that get organized
show that we search for life and pleasure to find

Sharing candy and spreading real love and joy
with chocolate bunnies,billion eggs and million peeps
along with millions of colorful jelly beans
Making all of us feel wanted and make life to enjoy

Its the day that makes you feel happy and alive
the joy of sharing, caring and loving life
Oh Thy Lord, we pray to you in humbleness
bless us, our dear Lord, for us to stay in peace

Give us, Thy Lord, your graceful wisdom 
and we say in thanks to you, Amen, in your Kingdom
Happy Easter! 
May God bless all of us with his blessings!

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