Saturday, April 19, 2014

Village Spread - The beauty of greenary, cattle, fields, innocent faces and lot more!

Day 19-  NaPoWriMo
19th April 2014

Village Spread

Driving across the green bed
of fresh air and a truly village spread
it looked like a painting
in God's own hands in making

Ladies giggling as they draw water from wells,
Having double layered pots on the heads
walking with the beauty of saree clad smiles
and ringing of their goongur bells

Children happily running chasing tyre's
with the sticks picked from trees
Few are playing with marbles
trying to impress each other in street games

Girls are playing the Seven Circles
Long forgotten games in metros
Few teens are giving flirting looks
hiding behind the large brown trees

The Season of mangoes just unfolds
and kids and adults jump together
to pluck the fresh fruits from the trees
and ladies trying to fill up the pickle pots

The smell of the fresh fields of Jasmin
makes you forget the best world's perfume
The sight of parrots eating away ripened guavas
makes you climb trees to pluck some yourself

The white fresh milk from the cattle 
the smell of the manure mixed in fields
Rising sun above the green lush mountains
the sounds of the fishing in the nearby lakes

A perfect place for a picturesque 
Men sitting under the trees making their own laws
Women covering the heads in shyness
Kids jumping in joy with no stress

You feel that its the perfect world
A beautiful loving Village Spread
Sometimes, its just so refreshing to drive back
to your roots of calmness and life

How much ever you spend on a exotic vacation
nothing comes like a run in the green fields
looking at the most innocent human faces
smiling back at you with no fake smiles

The peace of sitting under a large tree
and eating your home cooked food
with your grand mother feeding your full
what else can you ask in life to live

The night stars and full moon light
makes your life in a village more bright
The tranquility and peace it brings
makes our spirits goes in bang

No buffet in the world 
can makes you feel so full
than this visual, vocal and natural retreat
with our beautiful village treat

God Bless our Villages, India Still lives in our  Rural Areas
There is a sense of calmness and equally a fear of loss
It is time for us to protect the lands
 And the let fresh air of our villages live for long!

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