Friday, April 4, 2014

Grand Mother - Our Angel God Mother

Date:  7 April 2014..

Grand Mother -  Our Angel God Mother

Light and happy, she was a ordinary fragile woman

Just like her sharp eyes, her thoughts did resonance

Her words were gentle and soft, just like her usual self

She walked with elegance, truly like a born princess

Made us good food, eat right and sleep on time

Hugging each other, in her warmth and tight

She made us do our regular morning prayers

Brought God as an important part of our lives

Virtues of goodness, and wisdom of sharp thoughts

Deeds of care and service to fellow men was taught

She showed us the paths, bolder and brighter to take

Always advised us to stay calm, truthful and never fake

Made us laugh at silly jokes and feel the stars above

Taught us tougher lesson in the simplest ways in love

Shared with us the stories from history and freedom fights

Bed time stories were full of velour and morals nights

We were let to play till we felt truly tired

And with good food and good thoughts to retire

Every day with her injected in us new values

And as we grew under her shade, unveiled ourselves true

Amazingly bold woman with the softer outlook

She was child to children and a story of wisdom

She never lectured us on how to live right

But just made us follow her in peaceful way

We grew up watching her tolerance and love

Her care and passion, her devotion and dedication

Yes, she is one and only Grandmother,

Our God sent Angel and dearest God Mother!

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