Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mountains! Faith Moves Mountains! A Poem in love with mountains

Day 5 @ NaPoWriMo- 5 April 2014

Mountains!  Faith Moves Mountains!

Oh..the breeze of the whispering winds
In the silent swaying of the trees and leaves
Amidst the forest thickening of the greens
With the wild beasts roaring behind the trees

There stood this gigantic breath taking mountains
Filled with white dew drops of snow and ice
And winds gushing at the top like a wild breeze
Amidst the slides of the mountains creeps

Run slowly the smaller waterfalls towards earth
The sounds of the flowing waters raising alarms
Of the current and the power of the wishing wells
Mountains raise high and above the man’s shoulders

Showing its power and dreadfully witty might
It houses the wildest flora and wickedest fauna
The floating clouds on the top of the hills
Whispering silent kisses to the silent peaks

Showing with rainfalls towards the forest hills
The fresh smell of the earth emerge in knolls
Can there be a better time to be on top of them
Looking down the fearsome spread of greens

And the whispering winds of wildness and calm
Making the human hearts jump in fear and mystery
Climbing up the steepest mountain hills
Shows the man’s ability to conquer a bit of himself

It’s not the conquest of the nature to be willed
But raising above his own fears and limits
Mountains, teach you what is pain, what is terrine
They give you the best being part of Mother Nature

Mountains adored to the highest peaks
Conquering the beauty and unending silent peace!
Faith as strong as the mountains
makes heart melt and seasons unfold in grace!

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