Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mother Earth

Date: 22nd April, 2014; NaPoWriMo 

Mother earth...
lap of all warmth
green with trees
blue with water
air filled with life
soil filled with care
starts shining bright
moon looking like a bride
sun shining above
mountains filled with faith
birds flying here and there
animals roaming everywhere
trees shaking all around
small beings as they surround
fishes swimming in the sea
turtles crawling on the shore
children playing with the shells
man is busy making earth
in the name of civilized world
taking towards destruction
with hap hazard constructions
science that flies mars
ignoring our own mother earth
cutting down trees
digging sands so deep
erosion of soil
fears of global warming
arctic that starts melting
earthquakes that are threatening
rains that stop coming
fields no longer growing
where is the time?
or the cause for celebrating earth day?
as the earth is marching towards
its own dooms day!

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