Wednesday, April 23, 2014

An Ode to Shakespeare

Date:  23 April 2014
NaPoWriMo- 2014 -23rd Day

An Ode to Shakespeare
Celebrating World Books and Copy Rights Day!  April 23rd- for Bard of Avon and Book Lovers

450 Years of Wonder Playwright 
A great writer, poet and actor
1616, this day, marked his exit from the world
at the age of mere 49 years old

The footprints he left behind
is an everlasting literary works 
38 plays, 154 Sonnets and 2 long poems
with innumerable verses

 Popularly known as the Brad of Avon
Married to Anne Hathaway and 3 children born
Renowned for his company of actor
Proudly called Lord Chamberlain's Men

Built the wonder stage of Globe Theater
today known as Shakespeare Theater
Left behind the Immortal Lines
from his massive creative plays

Every day is a day for book lovers
But we need a day to Celebrate Shakespeare
To encourage the literary pursuits
Rediscover the pleasure to write and read

Written words enliven the human progress
over the periods of time, the writers witness
Millions of Books all over the world
Countless number of writers emerge young and old

There can be no tomorrow without seeing yesterday
There can be no future without living today
Shakespeare is a synonym to Literature
Yes, he is immortal, as far as book lovers live

There can be no bigger nomenclature
For we all have grown enacting his plays
Remembering his words in Ceasar's praise
As every line of his plays echoed with grace

It is just another form of trance
that you have to dive deep to glance

Long live the book lovers and the passion to write
Long live the writers senses and readers pride
Long live the glory of Shakespeare clan
Long live the spirit to copyright

Long live the love for books
Let the words weave magic
An makes the worlds a stage
for us to live every day
with happiness
and grace!

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