Thursday, April 24, 2014

Vote - Fundamental Right and Duty of Every Citizen in Democratic India

Date: 24 April 2014
Chennai Goes to Elections for both Parliament and Assembly Today
Vote India vote
Day 24, NaPoWriMo 2014

Title: Vote

Cast Your Vote
To the candidate right
Send your representative
to bring the country back to progress
Elect the leader
who will lead the Nation
and not just follow the party
Give your best thought
for its the best talent hunt
Make this Right
your fundamental duty
Do not look at the religion
caste or the party
Look at the Person 
who is representing your territory
What matters to you 
is the progress of our Nation
Rebuilding our infrastructure
Improving our education system
creating employment opportunities
Bringing in Food Security
Creating Self- Reliance
Safe-guarding our National Borders
Handling infiltration with care
Respecting our Army and Soldiers
Eradicating the evil of corruption
Giving back life to Agriculture
Making us food- self- reliant Nation
Removing people from Poverty Line
Educating the Girl Child
Putting an end to female infanticide
Clearing the bottlenecks in passing bills
Making amendments that matter
Creating health care that is reachable
Redefining our Judiciary and Laws
Dust off the law books to create new laws
Punish the guilty with no mercy
Stop the death penalty
Create rehabilitation for down trodden
Communication that grows
Technology that brings innovation
Medicine that makes research happen
Religions that unity in integration
Nation being above politics
Representatives beyond party lines
Ministers act with diligence
Government that respects democracy
Parliament stops being fish markets
Assembly that stops throwing chairs
Representatives go to office every day
Remember people beyond the voting day
The changes required are end less
The evolution is just in progress
The change is the only constant thing
and Indians do care for it
We respect our Votes and democracy
We want progress and growth
in the right direction to show
We will Vote
For its not just our right
but our fundamental duty as well
May my motherland shine
with development and self-reliance
With strong boundaries
Friendly neighbors
Amicable in world nations
keeping away from war and chaos
bringing in peace 
Stopping the thief's within
Yes, India goes to Polls
The largest democracy in the world
We, Citizens of India
Respect and will cast our Vote

Jai Hind!

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