Saturday, May 3, 2014

Remove People from Life ! Who No Longer Matter!

I have come across people whom I desperately want to dispense from my life.  At the same they seem to be integrated into my life so much that I am unable to leave them and move on.  What happens at such instances?  We are forced to compromise.  We are pushed to deal with them with fake smiles.  We are burdened to bear with them including their stupidity, pretending, fakeness and insults.  Sometimes, it becomes so unbearable that we spend most of our valuable time thinking of them, how to keep away from them and how to not getting effected by them and their activities.  Unfortunately the more we try to keep away, they seem to be coming closer in life that we are unable to avoid. In spite of multiple instances of anger, frustration, hue and cry, insults and ego clashes, these people try to patch up.  It is not forgiveness but due to pure selfishness.  Because of some relationship that they think is practically wanted in life for reasons best known to them.  How to get rid of such people?   

The mere presence of such unwanted people makes life miserable.  We spend our energy towards negative thinking of keeping away and not thinking about them.  Honestly, we will be better without them in life.  Wrong influences, provocations of anger and anxiety, circumstances leading to depression and suicides thoughts, bad influence on our day to day activities or any such things are an indication that we have to keep away from people who are responsible for such things in life.  There is nothing wrong in staying away from evil and moving ahead with level-headed, down to earth, like minded people who can make our lives cheerful and successful.   It doesn’t mean that we have to run away from people who face failures or struggles.  It means that we have to run away from people who become repeatedly responsible for our failure and struggles.  We learn from them.  These lessons of life are as important as to how not to be some one!  How not to be an irritant in some one’s life?  How best it is to keep away and redefine our own lives?  This can be our closest relative, a dearest friend for long time or an immediate neighbor or a colleague.  As long as the influence is not negative, hope is not hindered and faith is not disturbed, we can endure. The moment we feel that we are pushed into a thread of trouble that would entangle us towards sorrow and misery, it is always better to stay away than keep on bearing with such people.   Saying ‘I am sorry! I am moving on from you!’ is much better than silently crying,  with thunders of pain gathering inside you, frustrations that are inexpressive and suffering that is suppressed.  Yes, you have just one life to live.  And it is nothing wrong to make it right.  Right the way you want to live. With happiness and peace.  With love to yourself and do what you want.   Learn to live your life. For yourself!

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